Sleeping with a protective suit and a protective mask

Wolhazmat; Hazmatfox


Purpose: My dream was it over the last years to sleep with a chemical protective suit and mask. I knowledge that has hazmazfox has done this before several month, so I would like to do the same. My first experiences was with a fully encapsulating gas tight Suit, called. AUER Vautex and some different mask from several manufactures. After this pre-testing the result was sleeping in a fully encapsulating gas tight suit will work fine for several hours (up to 3 hours) but not longer. So I must first changed the protective Suit and than find a mask which is very comfortable to wear with this suit for a longer time.
Method: over the last years I bought several protective suit (used suit - not brandnew) and test this suit, but no suit was perfect. On german ID (3rd of October) I get in the morning time an phone call from Hazmatfox that he has a suit form me and so travel to him and he show me his Draeger Workmaster Blue. I have the same suit, but his suit was a little bit different. It was a little bigger and a bit longer, then my version. When i´m back at home I have a look at the manufacturing date and the suit from him was newer.
I told him I have not so much time, but after we have some nice good dinner (too much) and sit down in his living room; I told him: Let me try this this suit for a while. So I jumped in; he close him and then we put the MSA AUER Ultra Elite Full Fask mask over my face (incl. filter canister). That was a create feeling. He put a video cassette in with nice german video form Prof Diving Companies in german (several documentations) and so the time goes on. After the videos are finished he and I was little bit tired, he ask me: do I prepare my guest bet for you or do you whant to sleep here. I told him: please do not much work for me, here it is perfect for me.I have no sleeping clother with me. He told me: you have your slepping clothes on. The inner suit Temparuture was fine and I try to sleep. The result was i have sleep into this suit until nearly 6 a´clock in the morning. I have stop wearing the suit because my body told me - i would like to wash your hand (go to the bathroom please) and so the we open the suit. After that I take directly a shower and drink some mineral water. The overall wearing time of the suit was about 11 hours ! I wear under the ony a shirt, diving short and a pear of socks. During the night it was a little bit cold in the suit, so I use "Decke" to control my temperature in the suit.

Results: Sleeping in a protective suit and mask is working, but is nessessary that you have a perfect combination. Some good and comfortable mask are: M40/M42 , the MSA AUER Ultra ELITE FBF, the INTERSPIRO AGA Mask and a finish Mask which I have tested. The best suit is the Draeger Workmaster Pro (the blue one), alternavly you can use the Workmaster (red edition). Also good choise are the trellchem suit (hard to get - still searching) and the green MSA Auer Suit:Vautex Elite 3S-L (still searching for him).
Conclusion: It work´s - that is the good news - but the day after was hard. After I spend two hours (without a suit and mask) in the bed and the rest day was perfect. To try the same it is the best when you have somebody which to the same and I know hazmatfox can sleep also in his trellchem suit with AGA Interspiro full face mask.

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