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Pressluftatmer SCBA

AUER - Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)  BD96

AUER - Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Different Version available: BD 96 - BD 96 Mini - BD Compact

The compresseds air breathing appartus BD 96 are self-contained, open ciricuit breathing apparatus operating independently of the ambient air. Breathable air is supplied to the user according to his demand from compress air cylinder (german: pressluftflasche) via a pressure reducer, a demand controlled valve assembly and a face piece /full face mask).

The exhalation air is released through the exhalation valve of the facepieve (full face mask) directly to the ambient atmosphere. The appartus are pure gas protection devices and not suitable for underwater diving. Some technical details (more on the MSA AUER webside):

  • Proven technology for 200- and 300 bar
  • Unisize carrying plate of sturdy heat resistant plastic
  • Carrying harness of non-flammable Modacrylic-Aramide fibres
  • Comfortable hip-pad for equal weight distribution
  • Self-luminescent pressure gauge, or alternatively Integrated Control Unit ICU

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Note: Im searching at any time for other hazmat suit/chemical protection/gas protection suits, fire suits, dry suits... (used in good condition or unused for a cheap price). When you have one or more suit for me or additional information, please contact me.