The swedisch Military NBC - Page

(Atomar-Biologisch-Chemisch - Nuclear, Chemical and Biological)

Protection Suit Sweden

  • swedisch white rubber NBC Suit

  • very smoothness material

  • This suit includes two parts: a dungarees with flexible leg sleeves and a slip jacket with hood

  • the suit is from 1960

  • The size is xl/xxl and very comfortable to wear

  • the pictures on the right side shoes the nbc suit, but its not correct: The dungarees must be under the slip jacket :-)

  • more pictures are here available


Depending on the agent, levels of protection may vary from mask only, to full chemical protective suit. Currently the military uses the following:

· Protective Mask with filters for military chemical agents. Hood to cover head and shoulders.

· Chemical Protective suit with scotch-guard like fabric and internal layer of activated charcoal to absorb agent

· Gloves and overboots of butyl rubber.

· Butyl rubber apron. (Medical personnel during decontamination.)

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