The east german Military ABC - Page

(Atomar-Biologisch-Chemisch - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical)

nva Suit - SBA 1

East german army Abc-Schutzanzug (NBC Protection suit)  

Typ: SBA /LS with Boots

English: It represents an unit of the "Zivilverteitigung of the pristine East Germany (DDR)"  with a Decontamination training.

German: Es stellt eine Einheit der "Zivilverteitigung der ehemaligen DDR" bei einer Entgiftungsübung dar.


Depending on the agent, levels of protection may vary from mask only, to full chemical protective suit. Currently the military uses the following:

· Protective Mask with filters for military chemical agents. Hood to cover head and shoulders.

· Chemical Protective suit with scotch-guard like fabric and internal layer of activated charcoal to absorb agent

· Gloves and overboots of butyl rubber.

· Butyl rubber apron. (Medical personnel during decontamination.)

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