The german Military ABC - Page

(Atomar-Biologisch-Chemisch - Nuclear, Chemical and Biological)

New german abc suit

  • german ABC-Suit for personally use

  • german name: Schutzanzug Overgarment or

  • in Bundeswehr-german: persönliche ABC Schutzbekleidung

  • here with the german protective mask (build from AUER) and gloves of butyl rubber.

  • This suit is from the material similar the american NBC-Suit.

Zodiak Picture

  • German ABC-Suit called "Zodiak"

  • This Suit will be used by Decontamination in the ABC  (NBC) Abwehrtruppe

  • translated into german: "Der Stier".

  • Made with thick rubber.

  • Long Trowsers and a wrap-jacket without zipper or buttons.

  • The german Auer Gasmask will fixed in the Head-bonnet.

  • The suit is carried with black Rubber boots and gloves.

  • Two different sizes available: 1 (Size L/XL) and 2 (size XL/XXL)


Depending on the agent, levels of protection may vary from mask only, to full chemical protective suit. Currently the military uses the following:

· Protective Mask with filters for military chemical agents. Hood to cover head and shoulders.

· Chemical Protective suit with scotch-guard like fabric and internal layer of activated charcoal to absorb agent

· Gloves and overboots of butyl rubber.

· Butyl rubber apron. (Medical personnel during decontamination.)

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