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(Nuclear, Chemical and Biological)

american nbc suit color

These is the american N.B.C. (Nuclear, Chemical and Biological) Chemical Protective suit.

A two piece, two layer, charcoal lined overgarment that will protect you from chemical agent vapors, aerosols, and droplets of liquid; biological agents; toxins; and radioactive alpha and beta particles. Sealed in a vapor-barrier bag that protects from rain, moisture, and sunlight. Avaible in green or woodland color.

deconsuit c40 color

Decontamination Suit   Grey/green soft, supple, rubberized material outside and inside. 2-piece, comprising Overtrousers with high bib at front and back; rubber braces (suspenders) and ankle straps; smock has generous hood with rubber neck-strap and elasticated wrists and hem.

You can order them by Cover-up in the UK (No:  C40 = £33.62). Weight= 3,9kg, Size=L.

british nbc smok

British NBC Smok:

more information soon

overboots or overshoes

Green or Black Vinyl Overboot

The Overboots  is a plain olive drab vinyl green overshoe with elastic fasteners. The Overboots can be used to protect the wearer against NBC agents or rain, mud or snow. The Black vinyl overshoe is very similar to the Green Overboots, except that the change in the color from green to black, and has enlarged tabs on each fastener.

gloves Chemical Protective Gloves Set:

The glove set consists of an outer glove to provide chemical protection and an inner glove to assist in absorption of perspiration. The outer five-finger glove is made of an impermeable, unsupported, black, butyl rubber. The inner thin white cotton glove can be worn on either hand. The glove set is worn to afford hand protection against nerve and blister agent liquids and vapors. The black, outer glove gives protection against chemical agent vapors, aerosols, and small droplets for a minimum of 14 days, starting with the first day of wear. Upon contamination, the glove set provides at least 6 hours of protection from agent penetration before they must be decontaminated.

Instruction for the gloves and decontamination of gloves


Depending on the agent, levels of protection may vary from mask only, to full chemical protective suit. Currently the military uses the following:

· Protective Mask with filters for military chemical agents. Hood to cover head and shoulders.

· Chemical Protective suit with scotch-guard like fabric and internal layer of activated charcoal to absorb agent

· Gloves and overboots of butyl rubber.

· Butyl rubber apron. (Medical personnel during decontamination.)

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