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The Chemical and Biological Mask


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Fitting MCU2p

MCU-2A/P fitted

MCU-2A/P fitted with protective hood

MCU-2A/P fitted with protective hood

Some technical specifications:
  • Six-point, elastic, adjustable head harness
  • Single, panoramic, hardcoat polycarbonate lens held in place with a fail-proof seal (Lens defog system)
  • One standard threaded canister (filter type C2A1 ) - Canister can be mounted on right or left side of the MCU-2/P mask
  • Frontal and side speech diaphragms (optional M101 microphone connector)
  • Three sizes available from small, over  medium to large
  • The MCU-2/P is the equipment worn by today's United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Coast Guard and the FBI, not available outside the US

MCU Set : gasmask, replacement clear face shield, gas mask hood, filter and gas mask carrier bag

MCU with accessories

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