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Putting on a HazMat Suit
  1. Make sure the suit to be worn has been visually inspected, air-pressure-tested and is free from defects. Also make sure the correct HatMat Suit has been selected for the intended use.
  2. Using the buddy system, have someone available to assist while putting on the HazMat Suit as while wearing the suit.
  3. Take of your Shoes.
  4. Put on the appropriate supplied-air breathing apparatus (shortly: SCBA), complete all connections amd make all adjustments, except do not put the facepiece yet.
  5. While seated, place both legts into the HazMat Suit.
  6. Place both feet into industrial grade work boots and pull splach guards over tops of the boot. Note: work boots should be oversized to allow the insertion of sock-types booties which are attached to the HazMat Suit.
  7. Stand up and attach the internal waist-belt if present
  8. Turn on your air supply, put on the facepiece and make sure air supply system is working properly.
  9. If present, adjust headgear or hard hat to fit head.
  10. Place arms and head inside HazMat Suit and close the zipper and the zipper flap - if present.
  11. Have assistant check to make certain the zipper and zipper flap are completly closed, the view windows is sealed, all air-line connections are tight and the Hazmat Suit appears to be working properly.

Putting on the Suit - Inscrutions: Copyright by MSA

Suit me up in a Life-Guard™ Repsonder blueTraining Suit) with black gloves, with overboots, MSA SCBA, MSA Gas mask and red protectionHelmet. A women from a school clas suit up in a training hazmat suit- here first steps...


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