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Suit 04


This yellow heavy-duty PVC hazmat suit is without attached Boots. You can order them by Cover-up in the UK (No: C14=£45.96) .

The hazmat suit will be used with a compressed air breathing apparatus, full face mask and helmet.

Short Description: Large flexible visor; side-entry heavy-duty watertight zip; covered pass-through at waist level for airline or mask hose; double-thickness legs from knee downwards for wearing with boots. Single gloves attached (changeable). SuiSize is XL, Weight=4,2 kg.

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E-mail: dave@cover-up.co.uk

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Note: Im searching at any time for other hazmat suit/chemical protection/gas protection suits, fire suits, dry suits... (used in good condition or unused for a cheap price). When you have one or more suit for me or additional information, please contact me.