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Respirex International Ltd: Nuclear Protection to EN 1073-1: 1998 & prEN 1073-2:1999

Nuclear Protection to EN 1073-1: 1998 &

The Respirex Airprotex Suit/ Welders Version is available with a three piece over-suit for protection against welding splash, providing total protection.

Respirex have developed a 1 Piece and 2 Piece Airprotex Suit for use in the Nuclear Industry to provide protection against particulate radioactive contamination.
The garments have a nominal protection factor greater than 50,000 (Class 5) as specified by EN 1073- 1:1998 for inward leakage.
The Respirex Airprotex Suit is a “non-gas tight “ (Type 2) garment designed for use with the Respirex CAMFLO Unit (Constant Airflow Management) and
Cooling Vest. The Airprotex Suit is also available as a “gas-tight” (Type 1c) garment.

  • Plain cuffs for tape sealing to safety gloves or alternatively an ‘O’ Ring Cuff System. Integral sock booties with outer legs providing sealed
  • Waist to trouser button fastening (2 Piece Suits only/ tape sealed after donning).
  • Manufactured in light weight translucent PVC offering great dexterity to the wearer.
  • Internal CAMFLO Unit (Constant Airflow Management System).
  • Internal Cooling Vest.
  • Available as a 1 or 2 Piece garment.
  • Optional emergency re-breather attachment.


  • Can be worn with an internal lead apron.
  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • Optional Welders Version.
  • Optional Fall Arrest Version
Detail view
three piece over-suit for protection against welding splash
Internal CAMFLO Unit (Constant Airflow Management System) - Cooling Vest

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