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Respirex International Ltd: GTA Gas-Tight Suit

GTA Gas-Tight Suit


  • Clear panel on top of the hood.
  • Disposable outer visor.


  • The Suit is produced in a standard size sufficient to accommodate a person of up to 1.95 metres in height.
  • Size 44 European (10 UK) boots are fitted as standard (see optional extras); other sizes are available on request.
  • Size 10 gloves are fitted as standard; other sizes are available on request.
  • Visors can either be manufactured from a composite laminate of materials or a double glazed configuration giving clear undistorted
    vision that will hold back chemical permeation for the substances listed in the European standard prEN943-2 and the American NFPA
    1991 standard for more than 480 minutes; the mechanical strength of the visor conforms to EN146:1991. The visor comes in two styles;
    for suits fitted with a horizontal zip a wide visor is fitted and for suits fitted with a vertical zip a narrow visor is fitted.
  • Either a 91cm (36") heavy duty gas tight zip fitted horizontally across the chest or a heavy duty 122cm (48") gas tight zip fitted vertically
    down the right hand side of the suit.
  • Highly chemically resistant integral heavy duty safety boots with steel toe cap and mid-sole bonded to the suit. The boot has been
    specifically formulated to give a minimum of 60 minutes hold back time for chemical permeation against the substances listed in
  • Gloves that are compatible with the material of the suit are fitted by means of the Respirex locking cuff mechanism; this system enables
    the user to change the gloves when necessary.
  • Adjustable internal support belt enables users of varying sizes to comfortably wear the suit.
  • Sufficient exhalation valves to ensure that the pressure change within the suit does not exceed 1mbar in 1 min. The latent pressure within the suit does not exceed 4mbar as stipulated by prEN943-1.
  • A wide range of airline couplings can be supplied to ensure compatibility with any airline.
  • Each garment is tested and certified in accordance with the leak tightness test (internal pressure test) as stipulated by EN464:1994. The suit is supplied with a card that remains with the garment to record each subsequent leak tightness test.
  • 400 litres/minute of air is fed into the suit, 200 litres/minute is used for breathing and 200 litres/minute of air is used in equal proportions to each extremity of the suit. This helps to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature within the garment and prevents the wearer from suffering early heat exhaustion.

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