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Astroprotec Suit

ASATEX® - AG, Berheim, Germany

Disposable protective clothing Astro-Protect®

Bio- and contamination protection coverall

to use with Scott / Proflow 2 SC 160 - EN 12941: 1998 TH3

The Suit is available in Sizes from M to XXL, Sales unit: 1 pcs. per size

The Suit is concepted for a one time use only.

Manufacturer / Distributor is: ASATEX ®, August-Borsig-Str. 2, D-50125 Bergheim,
Tel.: +49 (0) 22 71 - 47 77-0 , Fax: +49 (0) 22 71 - 47 77-77 Website: www.asatex.eu or www.asatex.de



Chemturion Suits

Chemturion Logo

Chemturion™ Level A Protective Suits:

The Chemturion™ Suit is a durable totally encapsulating protective suit proven ideal for use in the processing of potent compounds. This conformal fitting suit with its 300° visor minimizes worker fatigue. High volume air flow, made possible by multiple exhaust valves, supplies added cooling. These combined features provide comfort during extended wear, this increasing efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and laboratory applications.

More information you find at the Chemturion™ web site

2 different Modelsare available Model 3525 and Model 3530

  • The Chemturion™ Model 3525 is available in 7 sizes and your choice of men's boot size 7-14.
  • The Chemturion™ Model 3530 is available in 5 sizes






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