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M17a1 gasmask

The M17 A1 protective mask

American M-17A1 protective mask with attached hood. The military protective mask has a tube to allow fluid intake while masked. A special canteen is also required.

The M17 Mask has a molded black rubber face piece. He has two plastic eye pieces with outserts. the has two internal Cheek Filters - Type M13. An Six strap elastic head harness and a drinking tube (model: M17A1 & M17A2 only). The M17 has also a Speech Diaphragm. The mask will be avaible in three different sizes (M17A2 also in extra small).

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M40 Army Field MASK

The Chemical -Biological Mask, M40 which i new have. The Mask is aviable with a moulded black or green rubber face pice. HE has a inner nose cup, six strap elastic head harness and a speach diaphragms (frontal and on the side). It us the 40mm filter canister (Black). The filter can be optional mounted on the left or on the right side. The M40 has a drinking tube. He is avaible in the US in three different sizes (SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE).

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M50 Mask

M50 Joint Service General Purpose Mask replaces the M40 Chemical Biological Mask.

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Schutzmaske M 10 M - east german military NVA

EAST GERMAN M10M GAS MASK. Almost an identical copy of the U.S. issue M17 gas masks. This Mask will used by the "NVA" under the Name: "Schutzmakse M 10 M". The picture show the Mask without the optional Hood (SBK 10).

A technical data pageisae available in (german and englich language)

israeli gas mask non military version - color

ISRAELI SIMPLEX GAS MASK. Genuine Israeli army issue black rubber mask with adjustable head straps, dual eye pieces, voicemitter and chin mounted threaded canister filter, box and shoulder carrying strap.

Israeli Civilian Gas Mask instructions, please click here

german abc mask

German Military Mask (ABC Maske von der Bundeswehr)

These masks were designed by two German companies, Dräger and Auer. The M62 was designed to replace the earlier M54. The M62 is made of soft rubber and is fairly comfortable to wear. The mask has large triangular eye pieces that permit good peripheral vision. There is an inner mask present to eliminate fogging and it is bigger and more efficient in the later M65. While the M62 has mostly metal pieces, the components of the M65 are mostly plastic, making it lighter. The M62/M65 uses a 40 mm thread filter canister and a five strap rubber head harness. Avaible in four sizes. Also avaible is a carrying bag for the mask, gloves and the poncho.

german volksgasmask

Volksgasmaske (german) it was manufactured by Auergesellschaft Berlin (today MSA AUER) in a white/Blue paper box with Filter.

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British s10 Mask

This is a type British - AVON S10 NBC full face mask - available in four sizes (1 = big and 4 = are very small- for children) , dual eye pieces, has adjustable straps and is complete with drinking tube!

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Russian mask - only bw

This is a Russian full face mask - fully covers head, avaible in different colors and sizes.

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m021 jpg only bw

This is a Russian mask - fully covers head. Picture show the mask without the filter canister (german Filterbüchse RSch 4). This mask will be also used by the east german NVA under the NAME Schutzmaske SchMS.

More (better) Photos and technical datas soon.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I'd just like remind you, whilst enjoying the pleasures of such apparatus that if the air intake becomes blocked or resricted, there is a real danger of asphyxiation and death!