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kirby morgan helmet

Kirby Morgan / Divex Ultrajewel 601 Helmet

The Ultrajewel reclaim helmet incorperates the Ultraflow 601 balanced 2nd stage regulator and the Ultrajewel 601 two stage reclaim valve for improved breathing performance and reliability. The Ultrajewel helmet is not only a superb Gas Helmet  but it also the perfect solution for all contaminated water diving

Kirby Morgan helmet 3

Kirby Morgan / Divex Ultrajewel 601 Helmet

in use, technical data see above

kirby morgan helmet 1

Kirby Morgan Band Mask DIS 18 A/B

The kirby Morgan Band Mask 18 A/B (previously HeliOX - 18 or DSI - 18) is designed for deep mixing gas diving as well as shallow water diving. The Superflow demand regulator provides better breathing resistance for deep diving while allowing the shallow diver to breath easier and work harder with less exertion.


Dive Dynamic AH3 - The Free-flow air helmet

The Dive dynamics AH3 is the successor to the Dive Dynamics Aquadyne AH2, the air helmet that was long accepted by many commercial divers as the standart for safety, quality, performance and reliability. The lightweight, free-flow helmet is designed to be used either fitted with its own neck-seal, or locked directly into a dry suit.

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