The DSI EXO26 wich I use for scuba Diving


EXO 26 standart

exo 26 full face mask

This is a photo of the EXO 26 Full face mask that I use for scuba diving. There are 3 different versions available. Optional with communication system (wireless or hardwire ). The light weight of the EXO allows the diver to work for hours in the water without neck fatigue. The low wolume and top-to-bottom air flow pattern of the Exo elimantes the need for an internal oral/Nasal mask. One of the other postives of the EXO mask are the big spider.  

Exo 26 specification page

Kirby Morgan EXO-26 - How to use

DSI Exo 26
The original or standart EXO-26 (pictured above) is the original design with automatic defogging, no oral nasal or nose block (optional 'kit available) More information available under: www.divingsystems.com/exo.html.

The DSI EXO Full Face Mask was designed for both surface supplied and scuba diving. By enclosing the divers eyes, nose and mouth, the EXO permits nearly normal speech when used in conjunction with most wireless, and all hardwire underwater communication systems. Its light weight design allows divers to work long dives with no jaw or neck fatigue. The EXO-26 Original Model has automatic defogging of the wide, tempered glass face port. All models have a modular communications design that pen-nits rapid and simple maintenance. An optional Head Protector gives added protection in dangerous diving environments. The ear equalization device is a nose block which is adjustable to several different heights, fitting a wide variety of noses and faces. The oral nasal in the Standard and Balanced models helps keep the CO 2 levels to a minimum and improves breathing and communications.
EXO-BR Full face mask
EXO-BR Full face mask with EXO Balanced Regulator

EXO 26 Full face mask with communication systems

EXO26 Full face mask with communication systems

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