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Changes from December:

Changes from October/November:

  1. Sorry no more updates in the moment, regarding to the WTC Crash in N.Y. and the Pentagon Hit in Washington on September 11th. My heard filled condolences, also from all german nation. My deepest sympathy for the families of the victims, which are dead or injured by the appalling terrorist attacks from September 11th.
  2. I´m sorry. I did not sell any Gasmask, Hazmat, Protection Suit or other items which I have on my webside. This webside: "" is only for your information. On my Where to buy page and on my Link-Pages you will find further information to order Gas Masks and other NBC protection equipment. This pages will be update weekly by weekly..
Changes from September:
Changes from August :
Changes from July :
Changes from May /June :
  • two new pictures from Ian´s Australians Hazmat Suit
  • Picture of the month: May and June
  • two new Guestgages with new hazmat suit pictures from Trellchem and others.
  • AUER/Isotemp ABC (NBC) protection Suit - 2 pages
  • ISOTEMP (R) / (AUER) Firesuit added
  • two new Bio Suits added, TV movie information added: part-8- // part -9-
  • links added and changed, startpage added with bookmark function
  • other pictures and information will follows - now the stressfully and frustating time for me is a little bit gone and I´m back again, to update my homepage...

Changes from April :

Changes from March :

  • Picture of the month for March 2001 added
  • one new short movie added "Suit up Auer Hazmat suit" and other html optimizing/corrections-Links added and corrected
  • new two pics of the russian dry Suit

Changes from February:

Changes from January:

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