Changes I have made on my web pages from 2005 until 2017

Changes from January to December 2017:

  • NEW - NEU It is time for an Update. Let´s start with updating links and new/changed companies.
  • NEW - NEU Deleted: Counter at the front page of WolfHazmat.
  • NEW - NEU Picture of the Month added for 2017

Changes from January to December 2016:

Changes from January until May/June 2015:


Changes from 2014:

  • No changes made from me in 2014 - :-(


Changes from October 2013:

Changes from 2012:

  • No changes made from me in 2012 :-(

Changes from October 2011:


Changes from August/September 2011:


Changes from July/August 2010:


Changes from May/June 2010:


Changes from August 2009:

  • New Rebreather added to my collection (BioPack 240) - 4 new pages


Changes from June 2009:


Changes from May 2009:


Changes from February 2009:

  • Updating Links - Some of the links are broken. That is bad. New page added from a friend in Germany: Hazmat and Diving Gear
  • Updating Links - Manufacturer 2009


Changes from 2008:

  • Sorry guys - no updates in this year

Changes from April/May 2007:

  • Transfer to a new Webhoster. My old one has canceled all small business customers the contract and so I have to move my domains. Guestbook and Counter currently only read only. I will create a new one.
  • New Suit: I got a new OPCH Suit. This is an full suit which was used by the SZ Army. Very nice to wear. Have some nice images from the suit and I will bring them to the site (Note more space available with my new Webhoster).

  • The rest of 2007 and completely in 2008 i was sick, in hospital, ...

Changes from July/August 2006:

  • short update: add new suit to my hazmat suit collection, change my search list; change my Suits I like page
  • Change my stylesheet - size was to small - now looks better :-) short change but size on every page are now fine (update most of my page to use the css file instead of long html tags.
  • 3 pages added with some nice images from the MSA AUER Suits: Schutzanzug Vautex Elite 3SL mit 3S-PF Gasmask and Standart gas mask (normal pressure). Suitpage -9- -10- -11-
  • Picture of the month for 2006 update and 4 new images added
  • Picture Logic added so that images till 2010 can be appear.
  • Gasmask Links updated - 2 new links added
  • Pages I Like update - manny pages deleted, because they are no longer available
  • Change Logic updatet

Changes from March 2006:

  • Update Trellchem adresses on 2 pages.
  • 2 new Kappler Suit (an used blue on and a grew Suit)

Changes from August / September 2005

  • new green Trellchem PVC Training suit
  • new red Isotemp Training suit
  • new Dräger Workmaster suit
  • new red protective suit
  • pictures of the month (hmm better picture of the quarter) Q2-2005 and Q3-2005

Changes from January 2005:

  • Updating Links
  • Picture of the month added: Q3-2004 and Q1-2005
  • new AUER MSA Suit 3SL with zipper at the back
  • new Cleanroom Suit and other suit