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Matisec SCAPE suits

Matisec S.C.A.P.E. suit (Self Contained Atmospheric Protective Ensemble) produced for the European Space Agency. Also known as RFHCO suit
I would like to have those suit in my collection (as collecters item).

Found at on page 3 and 4. Copyright by Amsat/ESA

Contact Adress - France: ISO 9001 certified
Z.I. Montée de la Ladrière BP26
38080 St Alban de Roche
Tel:  ++(33).
Fax: ++(33).
E-Mail: matisec(at)

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Note: Im searching at any time for other scape suits / biosafety suits / hazmat suit/chemical protection/gas protection suits, fire suits, dry suits... (used in good condition or unused for a cheap price). When you have one or more suit for me or additional information, please contact me.