Trellchem® Protective Suit : Vapour Protective Suit (VPS) TYP:TE

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Trellchem® Protective Suit : Vapour Protective Suit (VPS) TYP:TE
Vapour Protective Suit (VPS) TYP:TE

Trellchem® Protective Suit : Vapour Protective Suit (VPS) TYP:TE

Polyamide fabric coated with chloroprene rubber on the outside with polymer barrier laminate on the outside. SCBA (Breathing apparatus) will be used inside the suit. Visor: Impact and chemical resistant transparent PVC. Viton®/butyl rubber gloves combined with inner wrist cuffs. PVC or nitrile rubber safety boots with steel toecap and nail guard, or sewn-on socks of the suit material. Integrated Ventilation System with an Airflow of approx. 2/30 litres/minute. Different options of this suit are available.

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

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