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FIELD, M40 page

Issue Date from 1998 to 1994

How to use and technical information

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MY M40 Mask

This is my M40 Army Field Chemical & Biological Mask M40. My Version is included with Hood. The picture show the molded black rubber face piece and the 40mm C2 filter canister (black). The filter can be optional mounted on the left  or on the right side. This mask has a trinking tube. The mask is avaible in three different sizes in the US.

I have this mask including the Carrier and including the Operators Manual, Outserts and the M1 Waterproof Bag. This mask is very comfortbable to wear.

M40 Detailview

  1. Eyelens Openings
  2. Front-Voicemitter opening
  3. Side-Voicemitter opening
  4. Inlet valve opening
  5. Outlet Valve opening
  6. Cord draws hood close to neck by use of Slider
  7. Slider
  8. Zipper permits opening of the hood for ventilation or closing for protection by mission.
  9. underarm straps to keep the hood down in shouldes
  10. Hood
  11. Hook and Pile Fasterners
Carriebox Carrier - box: for storage and carrying of mask and additionally items:

  1. Decon Pocket for Decon Kit
  2. Shoulder Strap
  3. Waist Strap
  4. Short Strap
  5. Short Adjustable Strat
  6. ID Plate
  7. Quick-Opening Flap with hook and pile fastener

Putting on the M40 Mask Step 1

Putting on the M40 Mask - Step 1:

2. Facepiece

3. Cover openings at bottom of outlet valvve (3) with palm of one Hand:

Step 2

Putting on the M40 Mask - Step 2:

Crasp back edge of hood skirt (10) and carefully pull hood over your head so that hood covers the head, neck and shoulders.

Step 3

Putting on the M40 Mask - Step 3:

  • Pull slider (11) downward and zip front closed
  • tighten cord (12)
  • fasten and adjust underarm straps (13)
Contact-Information: Over 1,400,000 M40/M42 Masks produced. They also produce the FR-M40 mask for 3M.
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