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Issue Date from approx. 1995 to current

How to use and some technical information

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M50 Mask


Some Details of the Mask:
  • The M50 Mask replace the 1980s-era M40 Field Protective Mask. Designated the M50 Joint Service General Purpose Mask, it has a similar fit and feel to the M40, but offers more protection and capabilities. The M50 Maske is more compact, lighter, more comfortable to wear, then the M40 Mask.
  • The M50 Maskhas a single lens that spans the width of the mask’s face, instead of the M40 has two smaller lenses.
  • it uses two small filters instead of one large one. This allows easily replace them while in a contaminated environment.
  • There is also the M51 available ,for use in vehicle-borne operations. Accessories for the Mask are a fire-retardant hood and a microphone adapter that makes radio communications clearer.
  • The M53 chemical-biological protective mask is a positive-pressure capable and provides an internal variable resistance exhalation unit for operations with self-contained, closed-circuit and powered-air breathing systems
  • Description from AVON Protection Systems, Inc. on there web site and as PDF
  • When you have more information about this new mask, or have one for my for my collection, please drop me an e-mail. Thanks in advance for your help.

M50 Illustration of the technical design (Photograph: Courtesy of the Respirator Engineering and Acquisition Team, ECBCRDECOM, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. ):

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Contact-Information: Avon Rubber plc.
Manufacturer Avon Protection Systems, Inc.
503 Eighth Street
Cadillac, MI. 49601
1 888 AVON 440
Web: www.avon-protection.com

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