Biosafety Level 4 Suits

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Biosafety Level 4 Suits

Biosafety Level 4 Suit  Biosafety Level 4 Suit
Totally encapsulating positive pressure protective suits. This suits will be worn by scientists who work in the lab. In Level 4 labs, they work e.g. with deadly viruses. The suit is made of very thick, flexible plastic that won’t tear or rip, and it is very heavy – with the air hose and regulator attached (see on the left image). The Right one is only for demonstration.

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Note: Im searching at any time for other hazmat or bio safety Level 4 Suits from ILC Dover, or other manufacturer (used in good condition or unused for a cheap price)
Only as collectors item - When you have one or more for me or additional information, plese contact me.

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