Hazmat suits / protective suits / Schutzanzüge /Chemikalienschutzanzug, Gasmasks / Gasmasken / Atemschutzmasken
and other items where I´m looking for my collection (as collectors item):

(used in good condition or unused for a cheap price) - If you have one or more item(s) for me, please contact me by e-mail - Thanks in advance

Still Searching for protective suites / protecitve Masks / Gas masks or other protective Equiptment:

Ich bin auf der Suche nach diesen und anderen Schutzanzügen/ Atemschutzmasken/Gasmasken/etc.:

  • Trellchem® Super Typ T (left)
  • Trellchem® Super TLT (right)
Trellchem® Super Typ TTrellchem TLT Suit
  • Trellchem® High Performance Suit (HPS) Typ T (the right version I prefer...)
Trellchem® High Performance Suit (HPS) Typ T
  • CHEMTURION™ Extended Wear Model 3525 Protective Suit or the ILC Dover Model 12 or this one on the July 2003 page.
  • This is a very rare suit. I got a Model 3525 Suitin SIze L with the Zipper from the bottom to the top (top = Closed).
  • I looking for a newer Model 3625 where the Zipper goes from the top to the bottom (Bottom = Closed).
  • Also I search for a Model 12 Suit with white Zipper.
Chempurion thumbnail
  • ISOTEMP 4000 Hazmat Suit plus alumized oversuit (with this nice booties - I like them).
ISOTEMP 4000 Hazmat Suit or ISOTEMP 4000 Hazmat Suit
  • Kaercher Safegaurd protective Suit in bigger Size (Note: this Suit will be not longer produced).
  • Alternatively another proctective Suit / NBC Suit from Blaschke Wehrtechnik :-)
  • I like the 2 new suits for my collection the red one or the green one.


-20- Kaercher Safeguard 6004
  • Respirator / protective Mask / Gas Mask / Atemschutzmaske


  • new M40A2 Gasmask - as a brandnew item
  • M43 Full Face Mask or M45 aircrew protective mask
  • SCOTT GSR MASK with 40 mm Canister Adaptor, or the Adapter Kit itself.
  • JSGPM (XM-50)
  • or other gas maks, gasmask, Gasmaken, Atemschutzmasken, which I dont have collected.

When you have one or more hazmat suit, gasmask,rebreather or other items for me,

or have additional information where I can order it, please contact me.

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