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S., Wolfgang

Contact to me -  Home page: www.wolfhazmat.de

About me - old Auer Hazmat suit

About Wolfhazmat.de,

My privat interest is to collect protective clothing / haz mat suit, industrial chemical suits, dive gear, silver firesuits, including aluminized overcover suits, gas mask industry like the MSA AUER FBF, or other military mask like M17a / M40 or M42 / MCU2P full face mask and other items more.

I'm also a certified diver (Padi OWD and NRC Nitrox/Rebreather Ray and Dolphin).

Some of the parts you see on these pages I have - I´m collecting them.

I´m still searching for other parts (Respirators/Gasmasks, protective suits / hazmat suit like Trellchem suits or Tesimax suits, Biosafety Level 4 Suit (only as collectors item - not to use in real), BG4/Air Elite from MSA Rebreather and all other items).

When you have one or more items for my collection, please contact me. Thanks in advance.

I´m located in Bonn / Rhine River where I have my office. The web servicer is located by Host Europe in Cologne to have an fast Internet connection.

Please note: I do not sell this items, which you found on my web site. This is only an information resource for you. I have included a page where you able to buy the items.

Best regards


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