WTC CRASH IN NY and Pentagon Hit

September 11th, 2001

Today is one year after September 11


Everybody is aware about this special date September, 11.

And we feel sad too, no matter how wide the ocean is between the US and Germany.

The world has changed; nobody can feel completely safe any more since then.
Our casual live has go on like it was before, but inner state of mind is insecure, a little bit
frightened. Peace is so precious and so easy to disturb by senseless violence and even latent threats.

America is part of culture; it has influenced our whole life style and values, our history and fortune.
Therefore we felt deeply shocked too. The terrorists destroyed so much more than 2 towers and the life of nearly 3000 people.I have no words to express how disgusted I was about these cruel murders.

The news and the TV channels are full of reports of survivors and eye-witnesses, who were lucky enough to escape.

The impact of these personal stories is so moveable. But some part in me (I would call it my child-soul) can't still believe that is could happened.

This tragedy was and is to outstanding in the dimensions to cope with.

So we suppress these memories, try to live normal lives.

The future is yours.

Guido - WolfHazmat

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